Hi, Im Tori Osteraa...

If theres one thing you should know about me, its that I put my whole heart into what I do. I believe that life is messy and beautiful and full of magic. I believe your wedding photos should reflect that.

My goal as a photographer is to capture what I like to call Real Life Magic. Real Life Magic is when the Universe, God, (whatever you prefer), points you in the right direction and you are brave enough go for it. It’s when the opportunity arises at just the right moment. It’s when the situation is far too perfect to be just a coincidence. It’s taking risks.  It’s the moment you decide to follow your intuition and it leads to you an impactful conversation or the start of a meaningful relationship. Real Life Magic is the place in between your head and your heart; the whisper you feel in your soul to say, “Yes!” and experience what this beautiful life has to offer. I find it most evident in my own life through photography and through capturing the love my couples have for each other.

I like to keep things candid and authentic. We’ll make sure to get those posed shots your mom will put on the fridge…but the most important part of capturing a wedding day is capturing how you felt. Your photos matter to me because those moments matter to you.

Get to know me:

  •  I started taking photos when I was 17. I started with film on a broken Pentax Spotmatic. The images would expose on top of each other…but I loved it anyways.

  • I’ve been shooting weddings since 2015 and have been hooked ever since!

  • I will 100% dance with you on your wedding day like a giant weirdo.

  • My favorite place I’ve taken photographs was in the Belgian countryside last summer.

  • My husband, Herman, is also a talented photographer! He is my second photographer at weddings and he’s the best at fixing wedding dress trains and catching silly reception moments..

  •  Our first date was taking photos at a state park…6.5 years later, we still spend most weekends on the road, taking photos in nature.

  • It rained on our wedding day and it was the most magical experience of my entire life. All of our family and friends just kept dancing as it continued to pour. It was joyous and so carefree!!! ( Photo below by Melanie Faun Photography )


Bucket List Locations

There are a few places in this world I would like to visit. If you’re getting married, eloping or just visitng and want photos in one of those places, lets chat! Special pricing will apply.


Kind Words


For anyone who is looking for a true, real, authentic experience with not only your significant other but photographer as well, Tori Osteraa is your woman. I cannot say enough positive thing about her and our experience on our special day. From start to finish she has been nothing but wonderful to work with. Her generosity and selfless spirit was more than we could have ever hoped for out of our once in a lifetime experience. Five stars is simply not enough to rate her work. She gets all the stars in the world.


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