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About Me

I am a gem collecting, coffee drinking, french fry aficionado currently residing in Spokane, WA, with my husband and two fur children. Taking photos is what I love doing the most! I put my whole heart into what I do. Each wedding, elopement, or portrait session I shoot I find a new reason to fall in love with this crazy job all over again. I want to capture all of your very own real life magic.

Feeling adventurous?
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My goal as a photographer is to capture what I like to call “real life magic”. Real life magic is when the Universe, God, (whatever you prefer), points you in the right direction and you are brave enough go for it. It’s when the opportunity arises at just the right moment. It’s when the situation is far too perfect to be just a coincidence. It’s taking risks. It’s the moment you decide to follow your intuition and it leads to you an impactful conversation or the start of a meaningful relationship. Real life magic is the place in between your head and your heart; the whisper you feel in your soul to say, “Yes!” and experience what this beautiful life has to offer. I find it most evident in my own life through photography and the beautiful stories I get to capture.